[s-cars] What coolant to use? other questions

Ivan Demkovitch idemkovitch at hotmail.com
Mon May 30 14:43:57 EDT 2005

Thanks to all my TBelt saga finished. Or at least it seem to be...
I was thinking about how to clean cooling system and really didn't find good
way to do it without taking stuff apart. I had block drained when removed
Water pump and 
If I would fill it up with water - no way to get all water back out. So I
decided to go with purple Pentosin which should be compatible with
everything and cleaned up container by taking it out and flush with garden
hose (there was some whitish stuff on a buttom). Also replaced all radiator
hoses that hard to reach when everything together. In a year or so I will
replace fluid again and it should be good.

Car happy and running now with new Tbelt, pump, roller, 2 seals, fan clutch
and radiator hoses/thermostat. 

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Yes, the Lubro-Moly products are great.  The difficult part is flushing
everything out after use since there is no good way to pressure flush- just
drain and fill and drain and fill ...

I suppose you saw white deposits on aluminum parts (corrosion) .  I would
only be concerned if I saw lots of rust and sediment, as this is what the
cleaners target.  They aren't going to clean up aluminum for fear of
perforating the radiator, unless it's a place that sells  
radiators. ;-)

The fresh water and cleaner is the best way for a diy cleaning.   The
cleaner directions will direct how long you can leave it in.  If you  
into a container you can see any sediment or scale that was removed and then
know if the  cleaning was worthwhile.

I always wonder why all those new hoses are on the shelf instead of
installed as I pour in $25 of new coolant when I hate surprises so  
much. :-)

Tom '95 S6

On May 20, 2005, at 10:29 AM, Ivan Demkovitch wrote:

> Tom,
> Ok. Let's say I decided to go with Pink coolant. 
> http://www.germanautoparts.com/chemicals/Coolants/Lubro-Moly#1
> If I use this product I should be able to clean up all system.
> Do you think it's safe to do initial fill up using water and this
> cleaner?


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