[s-cars] Brake wear sensor question

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
Mon May 30 19:37:48 EDT 2005

If shorting the two pins on the car side of the connector would not work
and the other side of the car is fine then you have a break in the
wiring harness and you'll have to cut and short it farther upstream.  My
break was right where the wires entered the engine bay.

Gabriel Caldwell

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Have brake lining symbol illuminating on OBD. Looking at FL caliper I
disconnected broken connector going to sensor and taped connector going
"car" side.
Well.. I don't really care about that sensor (where do I get it from??)
I need to turn off that light. Not sure, but afraid they might turn me
around at safety inspection.

I see 3 pin "mother" connector and 2 of the pins seem to be having
copper in
it :) Shortening them together would not remove light.

Any ideas?

Also, I read somewhere Audi has 1 brake sensor. Is it true or there is
another one on a back like in my BMW?

S4 93'

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