[s-cars] Where do I find...

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel_caldwell at hotmail.com
Tue May 31 19:34:45 EDT 2005

I sold the one I had already to someone on the s-car list who wanted it as a 
spare.  Maybe he will speak up.  Sorry I couldn't help.

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>Shawn, if you mean the HVAC (Climate Control) unit, then speak with Gabriel
>he can cut you a deal at far less than $2K ;-)
>P.S. The HVAC is the same unit in the UrS4 and UrS6.
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>Hi Gents,
>Where should I look for a used ac control "head" unit for my 96  A4 ? I
>it is the same unit which is in my 95 S6 correct? Any contacts  would be
>appreciated as the new ones are rather costly and this is the third  major
>ac job
>on this car and I don't feel like dumping another $2000 into it at  this
>Austin Texas
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