[s-cars] I've got money!

Tom Mullane tmullane at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 14:02:42 EST 2005

Got money.
Need brakes.
Seeks advice.
 I strongyly encourage you take to upgrade to big brakes - it's the best and
most important upgrade you can do.
 And as far as building your own FMIC, don't forget that all those silicone
hoses swell up when under boost. An effecient system minimizes silicone
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Yeah, that's right. And I'm not sharing, either! :P
OK, the FMIC conversation was interesting. I think it'll be one of those
things I do in bits and pieces. While I agree that the chunks of aluminum
connected with silicone and hose clamps substituting for solid piping could
be a source of leaks, I have a bunch of experience at leak-proofing things.
After all, I deal with high-pressure gasses all day long. That's a
discussion for some other day, I think.
Now, about the MONEY. Brakes. I need them. Bomb is toast. I'm gonna replace
it, if the hydraulic oil flush doesn't cure the problem. Pentosin 7.1, IIRC.
What volume? My Bentley CD is MIA, and I need to find it, so I'll have a
volume then, but maybe somebody knows right off the top...
So, I'm going to ECS tuning to get the parts - SS braided lines, slotted
rotors, and maybe pads. But before I get pads, I need advice. I'd like to
stick with pads that have sensor wires. Just so I don't have to monkey
around with defeating whatever system I'll have to defeat (I assume
Autocheck.) I don't care about dust or noise - just performance. If the pads
are good, then I'll defeat autocheck if I have to. Yes, I know how to bed in
brake pads.
Finally, is there a BTDT write up for S-Car brake pad/rotor RR?
Thanks, and sorry about gloating over the money,

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