[s-cars] Dreaded won't start ...

Pram pramtt at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 10 18:23:27 EST 2005

My cousin have almost the same symptom in that his car will crank but  
not start.  When connected to the VAGCOM emulator (trying to connect  
to the engine module)  got message "unable to connect".  It was  
diagnosed later on as problem on the socket to the chip (aftermarket  
chip ) according to the ECU modifier/supplier.  On his car, when he  
put in his stock ECU the car start fine.


On Nov 10, 2005, at 2:52 PM, Charlie Smith wrote:

> Try this one on - for your entertainment.
> On the way home today, the S6 started running (it seemed) on 4  
> cylinders.
> I got home and pulled into the garage, turning it off.
> After a few minutes, I went back to the garage to investigate.
> It cranks fine, but won't start ... won't even try to fire.
> So, I get out the notebook computer with the Vag-Com software.
> Hooked up the interface, and the engine controller can't be found.
> It finds other controllers just fine, but no luck on the engine
> controller.  It has found this fine in the past.
> In the odometer field of the speedometer, where it puts the
> service 1 and service 2 codes - it says "Ln .0"
> Does anybody have any suggestions?  I haven't gotten further into
> the Bently volume 1 than where it talks about using the dealer's
> diagnostic tool.
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