[s-cars] Weird boost issue

Michael Bess mlbess at optonline.net
Mon Nov 28 16:37:44 EST 2005

As an aside to this issue, when I was troubleshooting my stutter and whoosh,
I checked to insure that the hoses were intact on the moisture separator and
found that there is NO moisture separator on my S-6.  To be certain that I
am looking at the right location and hose, I had pulled the black plastic
cover off the firewall area and looked where the Bentley indicates it should
be.  All I saw was a black rubber line coming from off the engine going into
a greenish colored plastic semi-hard line that went through the firewall.

Right line?  And if so, should I run, not walk and get a moisture separator

Mike Bess
'95 S-6 MTM 1+

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If you plug the hose that goes to the WG or to the WGFV you will get low 
boost as there is no boost pressure to help the WG stay shut.   I tried it 
once.    I think the WGFV is not working.

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> Well that means if there is a blockage its before the water trap,
> have you checked that line where it hooks to the back of the IM?
> If you are actually releasing the boost to atmosphere you can
> crimp off the hose that goes to the WGFV and get full boost right?
> I'd check those two areas....
> Chris
> --- Robert Myers <Bob at chips-ur-s.com> wrote:
>> Good idea but...  I am able to blow through the water trap and
>> associated plumbing with fairly gentle lung power from te ECU end of
>> the line.  The boost gauge is "T"ed into the MAP line about 2 inches
>> from the ECU.
>> At 03:00 PM 11/28/2005, chris chambers wrote:
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>> >Bob,
>> >
>> >Been thinking about this some more, and this may sound strange
>> >BUT
>> >
>> >Could your water trap or ECU line be plugged?
>> >
>> >Where is your Boost gauge T'd into for boost?
>> >I would start checking for a blockage before the gauge....
>> >
>> >
>> >HTH
>> >Chris
>> >

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