[s-cars] ebay master cylinder follow up q..

brian hoeft qweblog at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 23:00:29 EST 2005

thanks a lot, i was hoping to hear something like that.

looks like i'll be using the servo off my '93 since thats most likely the
culprit of my pulsey pedal,,even if it did pass the leak test.  and theres a
distinct diesel like tic closer to the firewall than the abs hydraulic
unit.. i think..

now to find a good deal on motul 600... best ive seen is hoerr racing, in
bulk for about $10 per 500ml, ur-q needs it as well,, so it goes

but man why do the bolt heads of the servo need to be on the dash side of
the firewall... gosh that complicates things. i just put that all back

oh for the love of quattro


On 11/28/05, Tony Curran <tony.curran at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> Brian,
> As I recall the Ebay listing, it said it was for the S4 and S6 which I
> believed used different parts. It's actually a little more complicated
> than
> that. From ETKA for 92-94 S4 and 95 S6 the part no. for MBC is 4A0 611 021
> B. For a 96 and 97 S6 the part no. 4A0 611 021 C.
> So, it looks as if that only the Canadian spec S6 has the different MBC
> which I assume because the S6 in USA went only to 95.5.
> As for the difference between the two, ???????
> Tony
> Canadian spec 96 S6
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> hey list good to have you back
> so i got my master cyl from the ebay seller and he assures me its intended
> for the s6, great, thats what i have.
> however there was some heads up posting about it not being correct. i
> really
> appreciate the concern of others, but now im concerned that ive got an
> incorrect part.
> i think its proper though because it looks identical as far as dimensions
> and orifices go, as can be seen here:
> *http://pictureposter.audiworld.com/53920/masterdetail.jpg*<
> http://picturepo
> ster.audiworld.com/53920/masterdetail.jpg>
> ... same " 25 ZV " badging reservoir mounts and line orifices..
> and what can be seen as scratched off here:
> *http://pictureposter.audiworld.com/53920/scratchmaster.jpg*<
> http://mail.goo
> gle.com/53920/scratchmaster.jpg>
> looks like this on my factory unit:
> *http://pictureposter.audiworld.com/53920/mirrormaster.jpg*<
> http://mail.goog
> le.com/53920/mirrormaster.jpg>
> yeah, sorry kind of difficult to see at a strange angle mirrored and all..
> the replacement MC has markings that lead me to believe it was
> manufactured
> by ATE in 95
> oh, and on the box, beck/arnley # is 072-9075 "made in germany" 31500
> but alas, all of the similarities also apply to the '93 i have for
> parts...
> just thought if i could get a good price, why replace with used and maybe
> have to do it over soonafter... ooofaah
> so anybody have any words of assurance?
> also, almost of greater importance is that i thought the brake servo was
> part of/inside the master cylinder.. is this correct? or is that whats in
> between the MC & firewall??
> thanks listers, -brian
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