[s-cars] S.S. Brake Lines Size & Mating

Nathan Belo nathan at license2sell.com
Fri Oct 7 17:25:38 EDT 2005

I need a bomb for my car (Homeland Security:  that's a brake accumulator to
you) since the red brake light stays on & flickers & lights up when stomping
on the brake; so I figured I'd put Stainless Steel brake lines on my stock
G60 calipers.  I don't have the funds set aside for the Porsche Brake
BIRA.org upgrade but I'm planning for the future.  I've used
www.GPRparts.com custom non-DOT (not swirled around on the testing machine)
s.s. lines before on my '88 90Q.  GPR will make any size I want for $85 for
the front & rear set.

What size & length is needed for the front brake lines, in preparation for
future Porsche brake upgrade?

Are the mating ends (Get your mind out of the gutter: male vs. female)
different on the G60 from the Porsche/Brembo, which means I'm wasting my
time and money on the front s.s. lines?

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