[s-cars] Time to revisit headlights?

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Fri Oct 7 19:29:33 EDT 2005

I can't claim any level of expertise in HID either.

But, for your headlights I can say if they are the original units  
delivered with the car, then a lot of the problem is they need
cleaning.  That URS4 technical write-up is very comprehensive for  
that and also has a complete HID kit install procedure
with pictures, including relay harness if required.  Without new  
glass covers (euro ) and a good inside cleaning, you are
not going to see the results you want from the HID system.

Steve Powers email with this link is the best deal I have seen.  Ok,  
its going to get you Chinese  or Korean electronics and
bulbs, but take a look at how many cars on the US roads use them.   
The Germans owned the quality HID production 5 years
ago, but no longer.  At $185 perhaps I can get my own instructions too.


Specifically to your question, Bill, I would run without relays if it  
works and doesn't cause a lamp out caution light.  If the nuisance
light comes on then I would relay and lobotomize the bulbcheck.  If  
you relay you will get a bulb out light.

I also think the kits would be much more economical than buying some  
HID projectors from a TT.  Remember, you need wiring
and ballast as well.  The only improvement I see is you get a genuine  
D2S bulb holder instead of a Chinese adapter for the 9006.

I wouldn't wish the archives search on anyone.  Just check out this  
link for where Jimmy stored the web site in case it crashed.
This is the stuff I meant you should pour a Jack and spend some time  
With this I have cleaned 4 sets of headlights and installed the HID  
kit.  You have no real clue about the need for good lights
until you get to be a really old fart stumbling around in the dark.



On Oct 7, 2005, at 6:38 PM, djdawson2 at aol.com wrote:

> I gotta say I'm pretty interested too.  I installed euro lights  
> with relays, and lows are still pretty weak...
> even with 100W lows and 100W fogs running at the same time.
> I just need a good HID "edumacation" as well.
> Dave
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> Now however since the prices seem within reach, I need to get  
> edumacated about these and I confess that
> I only venture into the urS archives when in desperation, have an  
> hour to spare and a shot of jack nearby.
>  I've seen the lltek system and am sure they work pretty swell, but  
> US$488 (IIRC) still seems too high a price.
>  I would sure like to see something for $200 to $300 range and be  
> the latest technology (D2S w/Hella gen4?)
>  Based on what I have heard so far, it looks like a TT retrofit may  
> be the way to go.

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