[s-cars] Kids and cars

Eric Phillips gcmschemist at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 00:26:59 EDT 2005

As a teen, I drove a 1965 GMC pickup, long box, 283 V8 with three on the
tree. I lost my virginity in that truck. LOL.

That truck taught me much about vehicle dynamics, and not all good. I bent
sheet metal twice.

For a newly-minted driver, I'd suggest a "classic" car - a 1983 VW GTI.

Or pretty much any manual-tranny Golf in a 1.8 - 2.0L up to, but not
including, the 1.8T VWs.

Or a nice '86 4kCSq. '85 works too. :)

In the Golf, you can pull the rear bench and install some sort of
anti-car-sex device. Some stereo enclosure or something.

To the VW Microbus owner who had it burn - LOL @ your Catholic punishment
musings. I hope you got plenty of tail in that Bus. As the father of two
girls, I am going to have to punch your lights out when I meet you, of
course! Just kidding - I was a teenage boy once, and the bench seat on a '65
GMC pickup is plenty big for all kinds of great action.

The bed, with foam and a blanket? Break out the Kama Sutra guide, baby... :D

For you guys with girls? Karmann Ghia! Try to find room in that thing to get

More seriously, an '88-'93 80q or 90q would be a good car for safety and
low, but adequate performance. And they're relatively cheap.

My wildly opinionated opinions,


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