[s-cars] Invinca-Shield paint protection

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Thu Oct 13 16:43:38 EDT 2005

Similar to the other model years, the basic kit is the hood,  
including that part surrounding
the grill, and two little triangles on the fender tops.  The deluxe  
includes the bumper and
below the headlights, mirror covers I think.  The other options are  
above windshield and a
pillars.    I'll see if they will fix the diagram for the kit.

The kit on the web site is for an A6, so great for that.  In fact the  
basic kit for the hood is good
for the S6 also.  I am having them update to include the S6 parts  
that are different in a kit for
the same price.

If all I wanted was hood protection, the basic kit at 25% off would  
be on my car.  The a pillars
and mirror covers are a good fit too.  It is just the lower flared  
out bumper cover and fenders,
and providing for the headlight washers.  I can't stand a pecked up  
bumper cover.

The price is dependent on numbers, which is 4 or 5 right now.  I  
think we will at least match that
deal with a kit specific to the S6 and S4, and do much better if we  
have good numbers.


On Oct 13, 2005, at 3:38 PM, Bruce Mendel wrote:

> What's in the kit? Is it the deluxe kit? I can't even tell from the  
> website
> what's in the deluxe kit!
> And they are already offering 25% off for fall,...so is the GP a  
> bigger
> discount on top of that?
> Sorry for so many questions, I must be an idiot!
> B
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>> This group buy is on.  I will officially open the group buy on
>> October 31, since I plan to be in Germany until then, and will be off
>> list.   I will send another email
>> at that time asking for commitments to negotiate price.  If the
>> numbers are very small, we still can get a 25% club discount for a
>> fairly long period.  The base
>> price will probably be the same as the '95 A6 kit is now.
>> Meanwhile, listers can visit the web site to help determine their
>> interest and ability to self install the kit.  I did mine "cold-
>> turkey"  --no experience or help, just
>> looked at the video and did it.  I was fitting the A6 kit on my S6
>> and in a hurry to do it.  This kit will be custom measured for the S6
>> and the S4.  A quick check of
>> the price somewhere else should be convincing.  I have found no other
>> source than  a custom cut (on the car) job at $500 up.
>> <www.invinca-shield.com>
>> Tom '95 S6 wanting an new clear bra
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