[s-cars] Samco Group Buy

Jason Mawhinney jmawhinney at skybest.com
Thu Oct 13 16:53:13 EDT 2005

Just as others have said before me, what's the price?  I'd be interested but 
would like to know how much I'd have to shell out.
'95.5 S6 avant
'87 5ktq

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> Dearest S-heads,
> There is an Audiworld member who has gotten the ball rolling at ECS
> Tuning with interest to facilitate a GB on the Samco silicone boost
> hose kits (and single pieces) for our cars. We need a total of 20
> total buyers to get the break in pricing, and there are only 13 right
> now. Those interested should click on the link below, and e-mail the
> Audiworld member oragnizing the GB, by clicking on his user name,
> "pearlurs4", as it is a hyperlink to bring up his e-mail address, or
> post that you are interested to the thread, if you have an Audiworld
> account.
> <http://forums.audiworld.com/s4s6/msgs/87444.phtml>
> Now is a good time to upgrade those old rubber hoses ;-)
> --
> Emre
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> 90 Cq
> 40 valves 'O plenty!
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