[s-cars] Driving Schools in the Midwest?

Toborg Michael (AC-SM/ESC3) * Michael.Toborg at us.bosch.com
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Mid Ohio has some drivers schools that Bosch uses for our chassis
control engineers. Skip Barber operates from Road America up in
wisconsin, Beaverun near Pittsburgh must have some driver training
things going on. There was an article in C&D about an engineering
vehicle dynamics/driving course that SAE puts on there. That gets more
into technical suspension design and vehicle dynamics than driver
training though.
Any track day will have instructors that ride along with you, Or there
is also Ice racing up in minnesota and northern Michigan during the
winter. Very cheap if you don't break anything on a snow bank... I rode
passenger in WRX with studded tires on a frozen lake course -that was
Mid-O might be the best bet if it is anywhere near you. 
I was at skip barber a few years ago, and the people I know that whent
to mid-O rated it better than Skip Barber. I'm sure that depends on what
class you take.
....Seat time is the best mod to make you faster. Some dirt trackin'
would be pretty cool to...

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Checking out the Team O'Neil website made me start salivating for an
experience like that... Would love to hook my Dad (and myself) up for a
Christmas gift.  Anybody know of some good schools in the Midwest?


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