[s-cars] 5 new coils

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Tue Oct 18 06:36:43 EDT 2005

I'll likely be following your pathway one of these days, Dave.

At 12:10 AM 10/18/2005, Dave Forgie wrote:

>Okay, I am confused.  Why would anyone be happy with spending 5 x $95
>(plus taxes) on five old style coils and still have to worry about the
>two $150 POSs taking unannounced early retirement(s) when they could
>spend 5 x $30 on five 1.8 t coil packs with built-in POS units??  Both
>require wiring (crimping or soldering).
>Notice that the new 4.2 V8 S4s run the 1.8t style coil packs (with
>orange rubber trim - ooooohh) not our big old honkin' boat anchor coils.
>I tried to lead the way.  But nobody is following. Hmmm...
>Dave F.
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