[s-cars] "Silver Euro S4 91"

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Tue Oct 18 11:51:06 EDT 2005

According to my euro-ETKA, if you click on 1991, it asks you for the VIN
number, the later one being the AAN. The convention of ETKA is to
reference the designated model year, then to drill down to the VIN (if
applicable), therefore my assertion of a "1991 model year" 100q with a
AAN aka S4.


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> Kris from Latvia said:  Silver Euro S4 91
> Matt Ludwig said "but how on earth did you get a '91 S4??"
> Sean Douglas said "It appears in europe, there was a VIN 
> split and the late build 1991 had the AAN motor."
> Dave Forgie says: Wrong.  The S4 was a 1992 model.  Only the 
> 1991 200 20v had the 3B engine.  The early 1992 S4's were 
> built starting in August, 1991 and their build date stickers 
> on the drivers door post will say "08/91", etc.  All S4s (and 
> S6s) had the AAN engine.  Early build S4s had the "hall 
> sender" in a vestigial distributor near the back of the 
> engine on the drivers side, under the intake manifold.
> The earliest build date in the Monster Survey database is 
> Aug. 91.  All the early cars in that list have "ZZZ" in their 
> VINs, i.e. they were destined for Europe.  Gabriel Caldwell's 
> car was one of them.  It was an Audi Canada show car and was 
> built in Nov. 91.  It has the hall sender in a can.
> Dave F.
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