[s-cars] wet floor - nonupdate

pkrasusky@ups.com pkrasusky at ups.com
Tue Oct 18 13:03:58 EDT 2005

So, our heroic (pronounced "pathetic") friend Paul here pulled his
scuttle cover last night for a lookysee.  Had cleaned out a gigantic
mouse nest out of there a month or so ago (scary, considering the wife's
ML $7k wiring harness job due to damn garage mice years back... hello
homeowners), shop vac'd out the few bits I'd missed before.

Ok...  on the lowest portion of the 'tub' in there, there was a large
hole where the rubber plug appears to have previously resided.  So Neil,
it appears someone already punched the plug out.  The driver side still
had a plug of the same size, tho it appears to be at a slightly higher
point than the passenger one.  Next to this was a tiny nipple plug
sticking up, I pushed that through for giggles.  However, there was no
debris down there that would have caused my left rear floor flood, the
vac stuff was up higher on top of the blower unit, etc.

I'm still guessing sunroof drains here???

ANYONE here have SUCCESS in reaming these?  Bueller?  

WickedEngineerGeeks (WEG) Rossato & Perron have failed this endeavor
thus far, as have I.  The weedwacker line I tried got hung up midway up
the access ports, both front and rear, forget what Bob & Bill tried.

ANY BTDT here???  

Last time I was out with a colleague in my car it was pouring and his
head got pissed on each time I braked.  Was kind of funny, well, as I'm
senior to him.  I do travel with superiors tho!  Now that would suck.
Heh, the running joke between Pasqualoni and me is the UrS will leave me
stranded when I'm traveling with our President or something.  D'oh!


-Paul wet floor K.

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