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Well, 'sort of', Bill.  President of our Bank which is under President
of UPS Capital which is under President of UPS, Mike Eskew.  Still would
be pretty funny.  Heh, pissing his pants.

We had a running bet here years ago for me to take my former boss out on
a white knuckler so he'd buy the farm and we'd be done with him.  They
were all amazed when we returned and I still had a job, fersure.  I was
shifting into 6th @ like 30, funny stuff.

Let's just say when my current boss was out with me and once asked "so
is this thing fast", I merely muttered a rather restrained, "um, yeah,
sorta" and left it at that.  Remember:  YOU WANT THE TRUTH???!!!???  YOU
CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!" heh heh heh...

I *have* had cars leave me stranded while on road to clients tho, just
not (yet) with colleagues!  Knock woody.

-Paul POS cars K.

ps.  "Pauluded"???

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"Last time I was out with a colleague in my car it was pouring and his
head got pissed on each time I braked.  Was kind of funny, well, as I'm
senior to him.  I do travel with superiors tho!  Now that would suck.
the running joke between Pasqualoni and me is the UrS will leave me
stranded when I'm traveling with our President or something."

Now there's a mind picture; ups prez rides with Mr K.  Right Ha !  Water
the head is the least of his problems.  How about pissing in his pants? 
Not a real good career move;)
My .002 observation.

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