[s-cars] "Silver Euro S4 91"

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Tue Oct 18 14:48:42 EDT 2005

I don't doubt your resources either. Also the VIN in ETKA says "M"
meaning 1991 model year. Perhaps a few squeaked by as a 1991 m.y.

Hopefully Kristst can check his VIN and see if it says "M" or "N".

As a side note, my 1990 90q20v is an early 1989 build date, has the "L"
in the VIN, therefore called a "1990" but the owners manual supplied
with the car says 1989 - weird.

Sean Douglas
1997 Audi S6//RS2-spec
1990 Audi 90 quattro 20v

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> Sean:  I am not denying what ETKA might say, I just saying 
> that the first  
> S4's were "1992" model year cars.  Based on my extensive (and I mean  
> extensive) magazine collection, the first announcements of 
> the S4 were  made in late July 1991 in Auto Zeitung (German), 
>  Auto Bild (German) and  AutoSport (British). No prices were 
> available at that time, i.e. they  
> weren't on sale yet (because June 1991 is the last build date 
> for 1991  
> model year cars and July is when the factory changes to the 
> next model  year).  
> The first test report that I have was in late August in Auto 
> Motor und  
> Sport (German)  "Test: Audi S4 - Das scharfe S".  This was 
> followed in Sept. 1991 by Performance Car and Auto Motor und 
> Sport in October  1991 (at least in my collection).  
> Curiously (Not), all of the early test  
> articles were in the same silver S4 (at least the number 
> plate was the  
> same).
> If Kristst has more or different information, I would 
> gratefully like to hear  it to update my data base.
> Dave F.
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