[s-cars] Rear Brakes

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Tue Oct 18 15:02:45 EDT 2005


Be wary of rebuilt calipers - some rebuilders do not rebuild the parking 
brake mechanism or replace the seal that fails and leads to corrosion of 
the for the ebrake mechanism.


I now rebuild them myself and replace the emergency brake mechanism seal, 
repack the grease in the caliper bore for the mechanism, and polish the 
often rusted or pitted mechanism rod.


At 01:31 PM 10/18/2005, Aaron Taylor wrote:
>Oops -
>Turns out the e brake hanging up problem has worn out my inner pads to
>metal.  (Damn I thought I had it fixed)
>The local brake shop wont just replace the pads, they want to install
>rebuilt calipers.  What is the list consensus on this? - Rebuild calipers or
>just add pads.
>Anybody recall the rotor thickness limit?
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