[s-cars] Gotta luv online parts stores

Tony Curran tony.curran at sympatico.ca
Tue Oct 18 20:03:34 EDT 2005

Brake servo from


$100 plus shipping for me as I live in Canada and had a friend in US
actually complete purchase then ship to me.

I have to back track on the brake master cylinder. Had a call this morning
from the supplier who said they made a mistake and mixed up part with the
ealier model year (http://www.germanautoparts.com/)

Sorry, link for actual one I ordered ($280) is on my office PC.

If you need a master cylinder let me know. There isn't actually anything
wrong with mine except for it being 9 years old. Just replacing it as it's
all apart and would probably need replacing sometime in next 10 years!


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    Be nice and tell us where you got the parts.

    Tony Curran wrote:
    > Where would we be without the internet... I just purchased online a
    > servo (booster) and master cylinder for a S6 (and the 96 year is
    > and more expensive than previous years) for a total of us$282 (thats
    > cdn$333). But you do have to search hard, cos it could have been a lot
    > too (us$900).
    > If I had got the same parts from stealer, then I would have been
    > cdn$1300, or us$1100.
    > :)
    > Tony
    > 96 S6
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  On the "stealer" vs independent note, yesterday I was able to get new
Spark cables for my wife's 98 A6 at $71 from the dealer. My usual discount
independent wanted $182.
  You just never know.


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