[s-cars] Silver Euro S4 91

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Wed Oct 19 01:19:55 EDT 2005

Krists:  All I was saying is the first S4s were 1992 model year cars.
Some were obviously made and sold in 1991.  Apparently in some
countries, perhaps yours included, if a new car is registered in 1991 it
is deemed to be a "91" on the registration papers (which I guess is what
you are calling your car's "technical passport").  However, this in no
way makes it a 1991 model year car.  It is still a 1992 model year car.

I am guessing that your VIN is something like WAUHP8ZZZNN012345.  I know
for sure you will have the ZZZ code and I am quite sure you will have
the "NN" in there as well.

But I could be wrong.

Dave F.

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