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Tom Mullane tmullane at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 14:25:38 EDT 2005

As Steve said, I am guilty of overboosting. No resolution yet, but still
working the issue as time and motivation permit.
 What are you running for a set-up, Tom?
 For the wheel shimmy, IIRC, folks have traced this to loose sub-frame bolts
in the past.
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Subject: [s-cars] over boosting...
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Hey guys...

couple of questions...

hey did the person(s) having the over boost problem ever get it sorted out ?
I sort of remember someone having the issue of not being able to control max
boost, tried lots of things but never heard a solution. My car recently did
something "funny". Have always run in the 24-26 lbs max range but a few days
ago it spiked to close to 30 on the gauge and was the first time I've EVER
heard the car ping !
Me like the power but me scared of the ping...

Also, just today, driving the highway as I moved to the other lane my right
front wheel started shaking violently. Almost like the wheel lugs had come
loose. Pulled over and wheel is firmly attached, and everything else....
WTFs gonna be next ?

ah, I feel better now...



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