[s-cars] Im back,the same car that went under the water...

LL - NY larrycleung at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 17:07:44 EDT 2005

Gee, if you figure this out, let us know. My remotes won't work, and
that was only due to a battery failure in the remote. New battery, and
NOTHING I've tried has worked.
 LL - NY

 On 10/19/05, auctionpics at cox.net <auctionpics at cox.net> wrote:
> My 95 S6 Avant came out of the water thing fine,runs great no codes no
> ECU problems ect!!!
> but... can anyone help me on this one,the key remotes stopped working and
> ive done what the manual says to do to make them work again but still no
> remote,
> could the water issues have hurt something on the floor with the door
> locks?
> they still work fine with the key but no remote(and ive tried everything
> with both remotes i have)
> ? anyone help? thanks dave
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