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 Yes, you really want to get the shrouded comp housing.  I would still recommend against the .63 turbine.  I have a Centerforce clutch, and it does not hold the power.  I would talk to Javad about the stuff he's having made.  I ordered one this week, and will be able to report on it within the next month... I hope.
Where are you going to dyno?  I'd suggest going to MAC Autosport, as that's where so many of us have run.  That way you'll be able to compare data, apples and apples, with the rest of us that have run there.  I don't know what your car weighs, or what 1/4 mile times you've been getting... but if you make 320-330 uncorrected with a 10v, that will be hugely amazing.  I think mine was about 360atw with no correction factor, if I'm remembering right.
Are you going to use a header?
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Nice, that's exactly the info I was looking for.  I'll be running the shrouded compressor housing and a 7A exhaust cam.  Not sure what turbine housing I'll go with, probably the .63 since my gears are so low(4kq 016) and my car is lighter so it will accelerate quicker out of the surge line.  I'm planning on trying my 6 puck metalic Kenedy disk with Centerforce pressure plate for the clutch.  What clutch are you running currently?  I'm not really doing the 20v thing to hit some magical # that sounds cool, I'm doing it for simplicity and reliability.  This 10v of mine goes like stink, especially on race gas and cool weather.  I want that feeling and a little bit more on a daily basis.  I estimate by the butt dyno and 1/4 mile times that I'm around 370 whp tops. Based on that, 450 whp is what I'd like to see for this kind of investment.  I'm headed to the dyno probably next weekend.  If the car comes in low( I kind of expect it to), like 320-330 uncorrected, then I'll lower my expectations a little to closer to 400 whp uncorrected.  

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