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 3250 and 113mph indicates 366whp by the trap speed calculator.
My Centerforce is the dual friction type.  Metallic pucks on one side, organic on the other.  You may be OK, just because you have significantly less inertia to deal with, as your loaded vehicle is about 800lbs lighter than mine.  There is no doubt that the Centerforce pp is much stronger than the stock unit.  Centerforce claims 90% more clamping force.
Good luck,
PS:  Let us hear when your next dyno session is... I'd love to attend.
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Ok, I'll look at getting the larger housing.  The car weighs 3250 with driver and the best time is 12.2 @113.  The motor's already made 293 whp uncorrected down at MAC with my old 50 trim T04E/stageIII T3 turbo on race gas.  My current 034efi high output turbo makes way more power at 30 lbs of boost than that turbo ever could dream of.  The car has a header I custom built for the 10v, and I'll be running one of Javad's headers on the 20v.  So, having said all that, the dyno session will decide alot.  Who knows, I could come in high and based off alot of what I'm hearing  it may not make sense to change setups.  I doubt it though :) 

Sorry, one more question on the clutch.  Is the centerforce disk you have metalic or organic?  I know Javad has some good stuff, but I'm trying  make due with all the parts I have sitting around.  Just my Kennedy disk with a stock CQ PP has held up to all the abuse so far, so I'm hoping the extra clamping force of the Centerforce will hold the extra power. 

Jim Green
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