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Ok, just to throw a little twist into the mix, I had a centerforce in my S4 with the aluminum flywheel and moved it into the coupe after the accident. I put 10K miles on the clutch and only had it slip once and that was at Gingerman where I was pushing the car very hard and finally it wouldn't hold in 3rd gear. I never had a problem with it slipping other than that when it was in the S4. I had it in the coupe for less than 1000miles and the clutch just snapped off between the splines and the friction material. Still don't know the cause of this but think it has to due with the aluminum flywheel and unsprung disk. I now have a sprung clutch from clutchnet and so far so good. It bites way harder than the centerforce but its still controllable enough for street. I have launched the car from 6000rpms with lots of wheel spin but no clutch slip so I think it will do the job. Emre, I never had chatter with the centerforce either, it felt just like stock but with better grip.
 As for the "subject line" ball bearing turbo, give me a KKK any day until these Garrets can even come close to being reliable.
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Yeah... I ought to clarify.  I think the Centerforce is great, hands down.  It 
works just like a stock clutch, smooth, no chatter, easy peddle effort.  In 
fact, I would never have really questioned its abilities until going to the 
dragstrip.  In daily use it works great, and seems like it would for a long time 
to come.  However, if you go to the strip and attempt aggressive launches, it 
won't hold the power.
If I weren't just a "little" obsessed with the 1/4 mile (listers made me do 
it)... I would leave the Centerforce alone.  It seems to be a great clutch.  
Mine also is the dual friction unit... the only thing Centerforce makes for our 
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Cody Payne runs a Centerforce dual friction clutch, as do I. He showed
a corrected number of 399whp (IIRC) a few months back, and I've never
heard of him having any issues with the clutch as of yet.

FYI, just today I ordered a replacement Centerforce dual friction kit
as something odd happened to my pressure plate yesterday as I was
driving, and when we took the tranny out, we saw this:


I'm sticking with Centerforce because it's been proven by a bunch of
listers, and I never had any problems with the clutch before
yesterday. Summit Racing is drop shipping it to me from Centerforce (I
ordered the LAST kit they had in stock) for $360 ish, next day air. I
also don't plan to go any higher than Cody has with my car.

The clutch was 4 years old, and possibly had 60k on it. The clutch
disk still had 2/3 meat left on it. Woould you be using
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