[s-cars] Ball bearing turbo

Cody Payne cpayne at bconnected.com
Wed Oct 19 23:38:40 EDT 2005

Hey Guys,
	I am happy with my clutch..but agree with Dave Dawson that if I
was dragging the car..especially off the line that she might not be the
clutch for serious "launching".  But again Dave is putting down another
55+ HP then I am...man I need to hit the dyno again.  Centerforce DF has
a stock feel and grabs great for that occasional launch across the
intersection or obnoxious spanking of the riced out Civic ;)

I have been very happy with the Centerforce Dual friction and
LWFW..great combo.



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Cody Payne runs a Centerforce dual friction clutch, as do I. He showed a
corrected number of 399whp (IIRC) a few months back, and I've never
heard of him having any issues with the clutch as of yet.

FYI, just today I ordered a replacement Centerforce dual friction kit as
something odd happened to my pressure plate yesterday as I was driving,
and when we took the tranny out, we saw this:


I'm sticking with Centerforce because it's been proven by a bunch of
listers, and I never had any problems with the clutch before yesterday.
Summit Racing is drop shipping it to me from Centerforce (I ordered the
LAST kit they had in stock) for $360 ish, next day air. I also don't
plan to go any higher than Cody has with my car.

The clutch was 4 years old, and possibly had 60k on it. The clutch disk
still had 2/3 meat left on it. Woould you be using

92 //S4
90 Cq
40 valves 'O plenty!

On 10/19/05, Jim Green <jim.green at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 10/19/05, djdawson2 at aol.com <djdawson2 at aol.com> wrote:
> >
> >   Yes, you really want to get the shrouded comp housing. I would 
> > still recommend against the .63 turbine. I have a Centerforce 
> > clutch, and it does not hold the power. I would talk to Javad about
the stuff he's having made.
> > I ordered one this week, and will be able to report on it within the

> > next month... I hope.
> >  Where are you going to dyno? I'd suggest going to MAC Autosport, as

> > that's where so many of us have run. That way you'll be able to 
> > compare data, apples and apples, with the rest of us that have run 
> > there. I don't know what your car weighs, or what 1/4 mile times 
> > you've been getting... but if you make 320-330 uncorrected with a 
> > 10v, that will be hugely amazing. I think mine was about 360atw with

> > no correction factor, if I'm remembering right.
> >  Are you going to use a header?
> >  Take care,
> > Dave
> >
>  Ok, I'll look at getting the larger housing. The car weighs 3250 with

> driver and the best time is 12.2 @113. The motor's already made 293 
> whp uncorrected down at MAC with my old 50 trim T04E/stageIII T3 turbo

> on race gas. My current 034efi high output turbo makes way more power 
> at 30 lbs of boost than that turbo ever could dream of. The car has a 
> header I custom built for the 10v, and I'll be running one of Javad's
headers on the 20v.
> So, having said all that, the dyno session will decide alot. Who 
> knows, I could come in high and based off alot of what I'm hearing it 
> may not make sense to change setups. I doubt it though :)
> Sorry, one more question on the clutch. Is the centerforce disk you 
> have metalic or organic? I know Javad has some good stuff, but I'm 
> trying make due with all the parts I have sitting around. Just my 
> Kennedy disk with a stock CQ PP has held up to all the abuse so far, 
> so I'm hoping the extra clamping force of the Centerforce will hold
the extra power.
> Thanks,
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