[s-cars] Unlocatable fuel-like smell

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Thu Oct 20 00:40:07 EDT 2005

Ian:  Hello to WAY down under.  What you have there is a fuel line leak
that was a subject of a recall (the "KY" campaign) in North America
(both the US and Canada).  The rubber gasket inside that crimped on
fitting gets brittle with age and heat and after a while, is brittle and
shrunk enough that it no longer does its job, i.e. there is a small
leak, especially on cooler mornings (hey, you should be in spring by

The official fix involves removing the braided lines on the filter
(exhause manifold) side of the engine bay and replacement with
new/patched in hard lines and/or rubber fuel lines, depending on what
version of the recall you got here.

You should contact Audi New Zealand and refer them to the North American
recall.  I will do a Google and see if I can find at least the Transport
Canada link (the US one only went to 1995 because they didn't get 1996
or 1997 model year cars). (The did get at "95.5" (which was a 1996 spec
car but with an "SN" VIN).

Get it sorted soon or you could have a fire on your hands.

Dave F.

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