[s-cars] Unlocatable fuel-like smell

tony.curran@sympatico.ca tony.curran at sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 20 07:53:59 EDT 2005

My car was subject to this recall just five months ago - my car is a Canadian spec 96 S6.

96 S6
> From: Dave Forgie <forgied at direct.ca>
> Date: 2005/10/20 Thu AM 12:23:47 EST
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> Subject: [s-cars]   Unlocatable fuel-like smell
> Ian:  Hello to WAY down under.  What you have there is a fuel line leak
> that was a subject of a recall (the "KY" campaign) in North America
> (both the US and Canada).  The rubber gasket inside that crimped on
> fitting gets brittle with age and heat and after a while, is brittle and
> shrunk enough that it no longer does its job, i.e. there is a small
> leak, especially on cooler mornings (hey, you should be in spring by
> now!!).
> The official fix involves removing the braided lines on the filter
> (exhause manifold) side of the engine bay and replacement with
> new/patched in hard lines and/or rubber fuel lines, depending on what
> version of the recall you got here.
> You should contact Audi New Zealand and refer them to the North American
> recall.  I will do a Google and see if I can find at least the Transport
> Canada link (the US one only went to 1995 because they didn't get 1996
> or 1997 model year cars). (The did get at "95.5" (which was a 1996 spec
> car but with an "SN" VIN).
> Get it sorted soon or you could have a fire on your hands.
> Dave F.
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