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Actually, all he has to do is call a dealership, give them his VIN#,
and they will see if the recall has been done yet, or not. If not, he
can pick a dealer of his choice to do the work free of charge.

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On 10/20/05, Calvin Young <calvinyoung at cox.net> wrote:
> Ian, Audi will fix this for free.  I have had it done.  Is your car
> registered with them?  If it was, they will send you a card to bring the
> card in.
> Cal
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> My 96 S6 also has a fuel smell - mostly when colder, and very noticeable
> inside the car. I have traced it to a very minute leak on one end of the
> metal fuel line as it runs across the top of the firewall inside the
> engine bay where the line meets the braided hoses to become flexible to
> go to the fuel filter. When the smell is present, I can feel a very
> small amount of fuel at this junction, and I can very slightly twist the
> braided hose on the metal pipe and make it better or worse. I haven't
> fixed it yet ( does anyone have any ideas!), but was planning on talking
> to a hose doctor who may be able to crimp the fitting a little more.
> Ian
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