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I don't think there's any question that the heat sent into the IM from the head isn't a good thing.  But how bad is it, is the question.
Now... you're asking me to buy a $160 part, and spend another $100 at the dyno?  Sounds silly for me to fork out $260 to tell everyone else if it's worth while or not... BUT, I'd probably do it, if it weren't such a huge PITA to remove the IM with the head in the car.
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You're into experimenting, why not have one made for yourself (or buy
one from Autospeed), and try it on your dyno day? *makes evil grin*

I don't know about everyone else, but having a part of my intake tract
NOT in direct contact with an extremely hot piece pf metal (AKA the
head) seems like a great idea. I'll take all the unfair advantage I
can get. Gains HAVE been reported from those with turbo Audi motors,
as well as other makes.

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