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 I'd do it.  My cost would be before and after trips to the dyno ($120), and the busted knuckles R&R'ing the IM with the head in the car... never done that before.
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How's about this...(if Dave is up to it) all those interested in the "Phenolic Spacers" sign up and contribute a small amount and this becomes the GB list (Run by Emre?), the entry fee into the GB pays for the better portion or hopefully if enough sign up it pays for the full amount of Dave's Phenolic Spacer, he does all the dirty for us and reports back with his findings giving us the "thumbs up or thumbs down". If the results are what we want then we go ahead, but only those that signed up can get the group-buy price, if Dave gives the thumbs down then we all invested a small bit to get our answer! 
Emre if you can set this up with Richard Hoffman to get a good deal for Dave and set a GB price depending on the amount of participants... and of course that's if Dave is up to the challenge!
I'd be willing to sign up, I trust Dave's thumbs. 

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