[s-cars] "Decoding" S-car VINs

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Fri Oct 21 01:30:41 EDT 2005

Actually there really isn't to much to decode but I thought I would pass
along what I know by going through two examples:



The W is easy = Germany

A = Audi  (V = Volkswagon)

U = Audi Passenger vehicle ( VW passenger vehicle = W)

H = 4 door

P = engine code (Hmmm... don't have good list for this - must mean AAN)

8 = restraint system = Active belts (ProConTen) with dual air bags ( 5 =
Active belts with driver air bag only)

ZZZ = European model (instead of the HP8 info) -don't know why

4A = Audi S4/100CS/V8  (44= Audi 5000/100/200/V8)

6 = check digit (based on an algorithm - you can't fake a VIN unless you
have the algorithm)  X = 10 (but I don't know what Z =)

P = 1993 model year, N = 92, R = 94, S = 95, T = 96 V = 97

N = Neckarsulm assembly plant

012345 = sequential production numbers.  I hear there are a few "twins"
out there somewhere.

As far as I can tell the "95.5" S6's (96-spec, non-OBDII S6 cars built
for US consumption)  all have 121xxx production numbers and were built
from July 1995 to the end of December 1995 (normally a 96 model year
build period) but they have "SN" VINs of a 1995 model year car.

Not too earth-shattering but could be interesting at some point down the

Dave F.

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