[s-cars] Steering Dampener

Dave Ellis UrS4 at sympatico.ca
Fri Oct 21 07:49:21 EDT 2005

Brian, Just keep in mind that if you over-tighten the steering lash, not 
only will the steering wheel not return to center very well but you will 
run the risk of prematurely wearing out the steering rack depending on 
just how overtightened it is.

There used to be a write up online at UrS4.com (if I recall correctly), 
but it doesn't appear to have been moved over to S-cars.org with the 
other articles.  Perhaps some other lister may have a copy kicking around?

Going from memory, you basically need to tighten up the lash screw 
between a sixteenth to an eighth of a turn at a time, checking for any 
play or "clunking" in the steering each time, and keep tightening until 
all play is removed but the steering wheel still returns to center when 
turning.  As soon as you've reached that point or the steering starts to 
bind, it's recommended to back off a sixteenth of a turn.


brian hoeft wrote:
>  oooh, pre-load adjust, ive got another project for saturday... ive had
> servotronic gone for a year and love it that way. i also parallel park often
> with ease. i also have driven a porsche and bmw that didnt recenter so well
> and quite liked that as well. tastes may differ, but thats okay. im going to
> give that a tweak. thanks.
>  -brian

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