[s-cars] Ball bearing turbo

CaptMagu@aol.com CaptMagu at aol.com
Fri Oct 21 18:28:45 EDT 2005

Honemre, said with fondest affection(that is, ah, between 2 manly men that 
is) and Jim

I also run the Centerforce dual friction clutch and aluminum flywheel. I have 
run about 6-8 track days since the install 60,000 miles and 4 years+ ago. I 
have also pulled a corrected 460tq and 430hp ATW. This was all   with an RS2 
EM, Garrett T04E 57 trim hybrid, and 440cc injectors with custom dyno tuned 
Sportec SW, which can be had for a very ecopnomical expenditure.

You may be aware that my current itteration is a tubular EM, Garrett GT 35R 
dual ball bearing turbo, 550cc injectors and an AEM stand alone engine 
management system, or so they tell me from the shop. A rash decision was made a short 
while ago by yours trully and I now find myself in the midst of a stroker 
build. I will be running an AAN block, my same forged rods, Wiseco 83mm pistons, a 
92.8mm crank and other assorted goodies. Displacement should be 2.51 litres 
or so Dave Dawson tells me. The pistons are sweet and I'll post a few pics to 
Audiworld shortly. 

The reason for me sharing all this is that while the CDF was OK for what I 
had with no dragstrip time, the new setup probably wouldn't be too kind. I will 
take it to the dragstrip at some point and given Dave D's findings, I didn't 
want to come back and put a new clutch in there soo, while i was in there, I'm 
installing a new Southbend clutch. This one will take upwards of 700 tq for 
moderate launches at the strip. I do have launch control and flatfoot shifting 
as standard fare with the AEM so I'll be able to custom tune my strip time ;-)

That's all I have for now but stay tuned for more updates ;-)

Hap, wit dakine s-ach from Evahboost(for a few moh days), Maguire

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