[s-cars] WAS: Ball bearing turbo NOW: Centerforce clutch

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
Fri Oct 21 18:38:31 EDT 2005

The reason the clutch disc is not sprung is because the clutch kit is
meant for the stock dual mass flywheel.

Gabriel Caldwell

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Well Dave,

When I opened the box from Centerforce yesterday, I was a bit
disappointed to see a new version of my old clutch, still with
unsprung hub. Yes, part number matches up with yours, DF074006.
Regardless it's going into the car Saturday morning.

I wonder what clutch disk/hub you are running in your car (since it is
NOT what comes with the normal kit for our cars), and if that might be
a reason for some of the slippage you are seeing at the strips.

Also, for those shopping for a upgraded clutch kit, I have nothing but
praise for Summit Racing and Centerforce. I called Summit on Wednesday
19th at 1pm to order the clutch, and it arrived on Thursday the 20th,
and only cost $20 to ship Next Day Air (drop ship from Centerfroce).
Summit's price was also $100 cheaper than any local dealer.

92 //S4
90 Cq
40 valves 'O plenty!

On 10/19/05, Djdawson2 at aol.com <Djdawson2 at aol.com> wrote:
> In a message dated 10/19/2005 6:02:46 PM Mountain Standard Time,
> yumyjager at gmail.com writes:
> Sprung hub? Interesting...
> I have a JB racing flywheel, and the clutch that came out has no
> sprung hub, and the only clutch they make for the UrS-cars doesn't
> have a sprung hub either. What clutch do you have?
> Yes, I have the same flywheel.  The OE clutch on my car did not have a
> sprung hub.  The "give" on the dual mass flywheel probably serves the
> purpose.  The Centerforce clutch plate that I got did have the sprung
> I got it from Summit, shipped directly from Centerforce.  It was a
> Luk assembly.  The Centerforce part number is DF074006, and is in
their Dual
> Friction line of clutches.
> Dave
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