[s-cars] Replacing O2 Sensor??

Rich Assarabowski konecc at snet.net
Fri Oct 21 21:25:33 EDT 2005


Go to down to your local AutoZone and borrow one of their O2 sensor sockets,
they fit over the sensor without the need for cutting wires.  They come as a
kit in various styles, one will fit yours.  The VW/Audi sockets are offset
which give you added torque, try to get use one like that.  Tool rental is
free, show your appreciation and and buy a small container of antiseize from
them.   When you coat the threads, DO NOT get any antiseize on the sensor

The sensors are usually pretty tight in the manifold, don't be surprised if
you need to give them a real hard tug, a cheater bar would be helpful.  Use
a torque wrench if you can to reinstall.

-- Rich A.

>Can someone help me with the O2 sensor?    I am wondering how best to get
it out.    Should I cut the wires and put a 
>deep socket on it?   Or will a box wrench do it?    I never have a good
time getting anything out of the exhaust 
>manifold.     Is there an easy way?   
>Also, the Bentley manual indicates... The threads of the HO2S sensor MUST
be coated with an anti-seize compound.     Does >anyone know what this
compound is or where to buy it?
>thanks much,

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