[s-cars] Replacing O2 Sensor??

Kirby Smith kirbyasmith at gwi.net
Fri Oct 21 21:32:48 EDT 2005

First, buy some PB Blaster from your local auto parts distributor and 
use it to get any rust disolved.  While I recommend NeverSeize for 
general purpose antiseize, the replacement sensor will have some already 
applied.  Just be careful to not spread it onto the tip.

Second, normally one uses a special oxygen sensor wrench such as Snap-On 
sells, but if room allows, a box end wrench will be fine.


Bill Clancy wrote:
> hmmm... OK, thanks.     I'll give it a try.
> What about this "anti-seize" compound?     Did you use anything to install 
> the new one?
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>>I used an open ended wrench. Luckily mine wasn't seized in. Give it a go
>>first then get more destructive the more frustrated you get.
>>96 S6
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>>Can someone help me with the O2 sensor?    I am wondering how best to get 
>>out.    Should I cut the wires and put a deep socket on it?   Or will a 
>>wrench do it?    I never have a good time getting anything out of the
>>exhaust manifold.     Is there an easy way?
>>Also, the Bentley manual indicates... The threads of the HO2S sensor MUST 
>>coated with an anti-seize compound.     Does anyone know what this 
>>is or where to buy it?
>>thanks much,

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