[s-cars] Replacing O2 Sensor??

Bill Clancy clancybill at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 21 21:43:21 EDT 2005

ahhh... the hot exhaust trick.   ;-)     That's a good idea.    I'll try 
that too.

thanks again everyone...   I'll report back with my results.    ;-)


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> Bill;
> The antiseize compound comes with the new sensor, either already on the
> threads or in a small plastic packet.
> To get the old one out, try one of the O2 sensor split sockets or a box 
> end
> wrench (if you can swing it in there). If that doesn't work (if it is 
> really
> tight, the split socket will just open up), start the car and heat up the
> exhaust. If it still won't budge with a hot exhaust, cut the wires and use 
> a
> deep socket with a Johnson bar for leverage. I had to run the car and get
> the exhaust hot to get my OEM sensor out. I also made a custom O2 sensor
> socket by cutting a window out of a deep socket, leaving the lower rim
> intact so it wouldn't spread. This socket also works well on the front
> struts - you can torque the top shock nut while holding the shock shaft 
> with
> an Allen key.
> Fred Munro
> '94 S4
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> Can someone help me with the O2 sensor?    I am wondering how best to get 
> it
> out.    Should I cut the wires and put a deep socket on it?   Or will a 
> box
> wrench do it?    I never have a good time getting anything out of the
> exhaust manifold.     Is there an easy way?
> Also, the Bentley manual indicates... The threads of the HO2S sensor MUST 
> be
> coated with an anti-seize compound.     Does anyone know what this 
> compound
> is or where to buy it?
> thanks much,
> -Bill
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