[s-cars] Urgent - Caliper retraction

brian hoeft surlyq at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 16:44:44 EDT 2005

oh aaron,
 first trick, is to not ever touch the brakes during the process..
 clean&lube everything, but that wont help depressing the caliper.
 call a couple auto inclined friends in your area and see if they have a
caliper piston tool for just such an event. they should know what youre
talking about, if not, you dont want their help anyways.
 worst case, you'll have to disconnect the caliper from the fluid line so
theres no pressure on the piston.. then bleed the system to purge the air.
 or,, you may have a c-clamp.. VERY carefully, -maybe with a hefty rag or
thin piece of wood/cardboard so you dont scratch the caliper- manipulate the
c-clamp so you can compress the piston back into place.. the key here is for
no undue(sideways) stress to be placed on the piston.. it is indened to
travel on one plane only.
 extra brake fluid is good, so is removing the cap on the reservoir during
depressing,, and i wouldnt suggest using a c-clamp unless you really need
 maybe you have excellent finger strength?
 good luck dude
 On 10/22/05, aaront at cox-internet.com <aaront at cox-internet.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Im in the middle or a rear brake job.
> Any tricks to getting the rear claiper to retract? Im ready to reinstall
> but cant retract.
> I actuated the Ebrake linkage with the caliper off and the puck wont go
> back.
> Any other things to do besides cleaning and lubing the slider pins?
> Thanks
> Aaron
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