[s-cars] Brake Job

Calvin Young calvinyoung at cox.net
Sat Oct 22 20:24:35 EDT 2005

I have always done this job using needle nose pliers.  Yes, you have to
push in and turn at the same time.  The biggest problem is not stabbing
yourself in the hand with the needle nose pliers.  I believe the
rotation is clockwise, but you can see the caliper going back in.  


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> > Hi all,
> > Im in the middle or a rear brake job.
> > Any tricks to getting the rear caliper to retract?  I am ready
> > to reinstall but cannot retract. I actuated the Ebrake linkage 
> > with the caliper off and the puck wont go back. Any other  
> > things to do besides cleaning and lubing the slider pins? 
> Thanks Aaron

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