[s-cars] Whats the best chipset for a full RS2 setup

Daniel Koropchak myhoppen at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 22 23:02:07 EDT 2005

Hello guys, Currently I`m using Lehmann`s chipset offered by Hoppen Motor Sports awhile back. Now I see he only offers the MTM version. At this point I have the RS2 turbo, Exhaust cam & Exhaust manifold. The consistant strong pulls ended however when I installed the RS2 injectors & MAF sensor. To me it seems very strange. If I accelerate from a stand start as if I were at a drag strip I get a strong pull through all gears. The same cannot be said if I have a rolling start, lets say from 3rd gear. It just sort of bogs down. Lots of boost (24-26psi) but no real kick in the pants. Has any one else experienced a need for additional modifications after adding these components? I have heard the topic of adjustable fuel pressure regulators. Is this necessary or due I simply need a new chipset that matches my setup? Please any advise at this point would be greatly appreciated. It has been way to long since she`s run at her full potential ! Dan   

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