[s-cars] Whats the best chipset for a full RS2 setup

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Sun Oct 23 00:11:21 EDT 2005


I have the RS2 setup (minus the cams) and have tried 3 different
chipsets; B Pastore 370 (aka S Eiche), Lehmann and Dahlback. All of my
testing is with 94 octane.

The BP 370 pulled like hell, lots of power, but pinged too much for my
liking - only the addition of toluene made the pinging go away. Boost
was 28-29 PSI.

The Lehmann was a dog compared to the BP 370, very lazy below 4000 rpm
and the hit was not there, kind of a smooth acceleration, almost stock
like. The timing maps were not very aggressive, IMO. Boost was less,
around 24 PSI.

The Dahlback is a good compromise, very similar to the BP 370, perhaps a
little less aggressive and the pinging is virtually gone, however it
does ping slightly on occasion. Boost is 24-25 PSI.

If you are running a stock intercooler, then I'd recommend the Dahlback,
if you have a FMIC or water injection, then I'd say go with the BP 370
to take advantage of the timing maps.

The other option is MRC Tuning, sold by Bob Meyer, perhaps others can
provide opinions on their chipset.

You shouldn't need an adjustable FPR, the OEM 4.0 bar is just fine.

Sean Douglas
1997 Audi S6//RS2-spec
1990 Audi 90 quattro 20v

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> Hello guys, Currently I`m using Lehmann`s chipset offered by 
> Hoppen Motor Sports awhile back. Now I see he only offers the 
> MTM version. At this point I have the RS2 turbo, Exhaust cam 
> & Exhaust manifold. The consistant strong pulls ended however 
> when I installed the RS2 injectors & MAF sensor. To me it 
> seems very strange. If I accelerate from a stand start as if 
> I were at a drag strip I get a strong pull through all gears. 
> The same cannot be said if I have a rolling start, lets say 
> from 3rd gear. It just sort of bogs down. Lots of boost 
> (24-26psi) but no real kick in the pants. Has any one else 
> experienced a need for additional modifications after adding 
> these components? I have heard the topic of adjustable fuel 
> pressure regulators. Is this necessary or due I simply need a 
> new chipset that matches my setup? Please any advise at this 
> point would be greatly appreciated. It has been way to long 
> since she`s run at her full potential ! Dan   
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