[s-cars] Help: Water, Do i drill a hope in the floor?...

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Sun Oct 23 02:11:39 EDT 2005

You have to find out where the water is coming in.  AFAIK you have four

1) the sunroof drain tubes are clogged.  (Not likely but you never know)

2) Leaks through the door.  Check the bottom of the inside of the
passenger door (a long shot at too low to cause the ECU problem).

3) The front "scuttle" (bulkhead) drain - the most likely problem but
the one you said you have fixed.

4) Bottom windshield seal - long shot but you have to check it somehow.

Drilling a hole in the floor is like putting a bandaid on cancer and
hoping it will go away.

Good luck.  Persevere.  (Put some kind of plastic bag over the ECU to
keep it dry).

Dave F.

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