[s-cars] [Fwd: Blocked Drains(or not)]

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Sun Oct 23 13:29:34 EDT 2005

This is a forward from Don Smith

Don Smith wrote:

>  Hi Dave : Me again.
> I was reading the post about the water entering the passenger side
> front, near the ECU. Windshield sounds like the problem there.It’s
> more harder to find than a blocked plug.But, I do have the answer for
> the rear driver side leak. If you look at your roof channels, at
> exactly where the back door glass starts to angle down, is right where
> the roof channel comes together.(It’s 2 pcs). At that spot if you sit
> in your acr looking at the channel, you can see a 1/16th by ¼ in.
> slit. The water enters here, follows the rubber moulding, next to the
> seatback, onto the floor, then to the lowest part of the floor. This
> may be exasperrated(big word, eh) by parkin on the driveway,1) if it’s
> crowned,and the car is on the left side, and 2) the driveway is
> sloping from the house, to the street, and the guy is parked nose in.
>  I had this exact trouble, One small spot of silicone, and the problem
> is fixed.
>   Hope this helps(actually, I know it will) Sounds like a Man.Def to
> me
> Regards,       Don

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