[s-cars] Dyno Results 10/22

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Boy, those are hard to see and they are the same jpg.  Could you post them
with a little better resolution?  Thanks!

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Here are the Dyno reslults on my stock (not even a K&N filter) urS4 for
anyone interested.
Location MAC Autosport in Parker, CO.

I hosted two of the dyno print outs on an audiworld account.

In case the links above are hard to read...
Best run of the three I completed was the first pull:  Run Conditions 72.98
F, 24.45 - HG,  Humidity 19%, Altitude 5600 ft.

Uncorrected Max Total Power =  182.77  Max Total Torque =  215.51

Corrected (SAE) Max Total Power =  225.62  Max total Torque =  266.04

Now that I have a base line on where I am at, time to do some engine
modifications.  Will post more dyno results as things happen for those who
are interested.

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