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Mark Strangways Strangconst at rogers.com
Thu Oct 27 19:00:41 EDT 2005

I am in and out of Barrie (the Can Rep) all the time. If anyone is 
interested, I can meet up with the rep and see what the stuff is like.

Mark S
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Mr. Kapischkle ~

Thank you for your very prompt reply,  .... it's certainly a dramatic
departure from the experience I had dealing with FKNorthAmeica in 2003.  I
will pass your reply on to the Audi S-List.  There may be a number of owners
of the older C4 chassis 1992-1996 S4/S6's (the 2.2 liter 5 cylinder AAN
engine car) who would be interested in one of FK's kits and will want to
contact one of your new US distributors.

Michael Pederson
Denver, Colorado

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>Hello Mr. Pederson,
>i read with interest your email. I regret if you finally had
>not the chance to get the appropriate suspension for your
>Audi. Due of a restructuring of our northamerican market we
>had closed the warehouse in Vancover. Now, we have two premium
>dealers in the US and in Canada, taking care to the dealers
>and customers. We noticed, that with the restructuring we got
>a much better response to the customer.
>About your Ur-Quattro the procedure is the following. Because
>we can´t buy the original struts for an Ur-Audi for a
>reasonable price, the production of a kit would burst the
>customers purse. Therefore we ask the customer first to send
>the original struts to Germany. We manufacture the coilover
>kit in between 2 weeks and return it. Unfortunately the
>customer is without his car several weeks. But that is the
>only reasonable solution.
>If you have further questions please contact one of our
>premium dealers.
>NGP Racing
>Ed Sheets
>1615 Perryman Road
>MD21001 Aberdeen
>001-410 994 0000
>info at ngpracing.com
>AMI Motorsports
>Rob Arroll
>72 Churchhill Drive Unit 3
>L4N 8Z5 Barrie, Ontario
>001-705 730 1558
>info at amimotorsports.com
>with best regards
>Alexander Kapischke
>Export Department
>FK-Automotive GmbH
>Im Kuchengrund 10
>D-71522 Backnang/Germany
>Telefon: +49 7191 3275110
>Telefax: +49 7191 3275119
>eMail: A.Kapischke at Fk-Automotive.de
>Web:   www.fk-automotive.com
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>Nic - FK\'s \"regional\" distributor is (or at least was) I
>believe, located in Canada (866-673-3735)  I looked into
>trying to get a set of front coilovers from them way back in
>the spring of 2003.  Problem #1, the UrS4 isn\'t (or wasn\'t
>in \'03) high on the mother company\'s priority list.  I was
>told a kit would have to be ordered, and would depend on
>Germany finding a suitable set of front struts to modify.
>They would take my request and forward it to Germany for
>processing.  Problem #2 What then followed was an endless
>series of calls to Canada.  I spoke to a Daniel and a Chris,
>and was endlessly told \"We have a crate coming in today,
>tommorrow, next week, next month.....\"  \"I will call you
>back tommorrow (never did)\"  I\'ll call you back next
>week\"... (never did).  This went on and on and on.  I tried
>emailing Germany directly to see if I could get a straight
>answer from FK itself.  I complained about their North
>American distributor etc., etc. etc.
>So, ever seen these?  No.  I tried for something like 10+
>months to secure a set.  It finally dawned on me, what would
>happen if I ever did get a set and ran into a problem?
>Thanks, but no thanks.
>Unless something has changed drastically in FK\'s operations,
>I\'d stay away from them... at least in the North American market.
>I am BTW, just for yucks and fun, copy and pasting this into
>FK\'s \"Kontact\" form to see if anyone does ever respond.
>Michael Pederson
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>>Anybody ever seen these? Heard from someone who used them?
>>Don\'t know the spring rates but the Koenigsport system comes
>>with adj Konis. Don\'t know the price, just wondering if
>>anybody knows anything at all about these. Just thinking about
>>another winter project, along with a HRSB if I can find one.
>>aka spedrcr
>>spedrcr at comcast.net

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