[s-cars] All about the fluids...

Tom Mullane tmullane at gmail.com
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 I'm running 15w 40 synthetic in the engine for winter.
 In the trans I run Redline MT-90, in the rear diff Redline 75w-90.
 For brake fluid I like the Pentosin Racing brake fluid.
 I think you should pay $0 for labor.
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Ok first the car: 1995.5 S6 Avant with 150K+ miles in the cold
northeast,New England,

i want to change all the drivetrain fluids

what weight and type of fluid should i use for each: engine, trans, gear,
rearend, ect...

also what do people think of Royal Purple?

and if not this brand what brand would you use?

also what brake fluid works best

lastly how many hours and what do you think i should pay for the labor
to do this whole job?

thanks for any help


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