[s-cars] WAS gas prices, now racist subaru's

RM waves at epix.net
Thu Sep 1 09:17:01 EDT 2005

Coming from an Audi tech, i'll say this. Subaru's are NOT nearly on the same 
level as Audi's in most catagories. True, Audi has their own issues (largely 
issues with supplier parts re:Bosch) But I've worked on, owned and driven 
scoobie-doos, and there is no way i'd place it before any audi of the same 
vintage. Fun to drive perhaps. But the quailty of workmanship is sub-par, 
cost to repair is expensive and overall it's not as safe as a similar sized 
Audi. Call me a car-racist then, but you won't see me turning the key of a 
subaru unless there's a gun to my head.


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>On 9/1/05, Lee Levitt <lee at wheelman.com> playahated:
> Not too many options - awd wagon, fun to drive, good sized, safe.
> Subaru is the only other choice that comes to mind, and I'm not
> going there.
> Lee

Why not, Lee?
I've driven one and it ranks pretty high on the fun factor and even higher
on the reliability factor. I say drive one before you make up your mind
completely one way or the other, or you're just limiting yourself out of
pure racism.


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