[s-cars] WAS gas prices, now racist subaru's

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>Simply chip a 2.7t and keep the dependability

Really????  I seem to recall some turbo problems on the newer POS small
turbo cars, especially chipped at altitude.

I don't quite understand the parts supplier thing you are quoting.  Doesn't
just about every car manufacturer get the majority of their parts from
someone else?  The K03 turbo problems, the early control arm problems on the
2000-2001 S4, the ignition coil problems on the A4 1.8T, the warping rotors
on the A6, that now Audi won't even cover when the car is under factory
warranty, are all these parts supplier issues?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-Audi, hell I own 4 of them, but I am
objective about the whole deal.  I love my UrS, as a matter of fact after
looking at all the new cars available I decided to go throw some money at
her because it looks like I'm going to be keeping her for awhile given the
lack of new car offerings out there from everyone including Audi.  The 2001
A6 2.7T I own......I could take it or leave it.  Doesn't have the soul of
the UrS nor the build quality....all you have to do is shut the
door...sounds more like a Camry than my UrS.  In 1992 there was no
Jap/domestic car that could come close to the UrS, but today....well Audi
better be careful, there are definite footsteps behind them that get louder
each year.  In order to justify a 50% increase in price one must be able to
justify a car that is 50% better.


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I most certainly can substantiate my claims Taka. As you may have missed in
an earlier posting, I work on cars for a living, mainly German cars. I'm all
too aware of the glitches Audi's have had in recent years. These glitches
however are typically a result of the suppliers of parts to Audis, namely
Bosch and Valeo, among a few others. But you cannot question the quality of
workmanship of an Audi. I also work on about 1/2 dozen Subarus on a regular
basis, 2 WRX's, one older legacy wagon, on newer lagacy wagon (2003 if i
recall) and on occ. an 05 STI. I can see primer coming through on the 03
WRX, the guy polishes his car too much. He also dented the hood quite nicely
when he dropped a golf ball on it by accident... thin metal and paint. The
other WRX has a series of engine issues early on, mostly head gasket
failures. The older legacy was bought new by a friend who brought it down to
show me  a week after he got it. I opened the door, peeked inside and closed
the door with no
 rmal force. The door bounced back at me. The door hinge was already loose.
Now Taka, have you realy seen a late audi that rattles? Please. I seriously
doubt. As i also said in a previous post, all car manuf. have a few dud cars
out there, a lemon if you will. Perhaps the head gasket issues or the loose
door hinge was just that lemon. I work on 6 subbies and hundreds of Audi's.
Half those subbies are problematic from a workmanship standpoint. The bulk
of audi issues are from a parts supplier standpoint. I'll take the Audi any
day. Oh, and by the way, you can chip your 2.5gt, put injectors in and all
the silliness you wish. You'll then have a miniature time bomb under the
hood. Simply chip a 2.7t and keep the dependability, but we're back to even
on the strip. And the AR still weighs allot more. BTW, i'd like to see you
drive your 2.5gt to the top of a ski area, 1000 verticle feet. I did it, i
have pix to prove it. :-)


PS. I'm not as biased against subaru as i lead on to be, I appreciate their
cars for where they stand in the market place. But i do not ever intend to
replace any of my Audi's with one, based largely on my hands-on experiences
with them.
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  I guess you've seen a high-mileage '05 Legacy so you can substantiate your
statement that the car
  is a rattletrap?

  I've seen so many VWs and Audis that rattle that your contention that the
Audi is so much better
  just makes me wonder if you're so biased that you simply will not even
evaluate one with an open

  You can't really compare the Legacy to the allroad because the Legacy is a
$32k car fully loaded
  versus a $48k car loaded for the allroad 2.7T. IMO, the 2.5GT is a better
car- in terms of fun-to-drive
  factor, handling, value for your money, reliability- than the A4 2.0T, for
about $4k less money.

  That extra $16k difference versus an allroad would allow me to put in a
FMIC, FP Green, injectors,
  turboback exhaust, coilover suspension, STI Brembos, improve the
soundproofing of the entire interior,
  nice set of wheels/tires, dyno tuning, etc. that would blow the allroad
out of the water in every aspect
  of performance. Of course, you can be content in knowing that your allroad
is "superior" just because
  it is made in Neckarsulm, Germany and has the 4 rings on the grille.

  Audi has been going downhill since they axed the C4 chassis S6. The D3
chassis cars and the A5 chassis
  A3 quattro are the only cars that are really interesting to me (although
the A3q is going to be way too
  expensive to sell well- 3.2 DSG as the only configuration really limits
the appeal, as well as the 100/0
  Haldex system).

  If I had the money for the upkeep, I'm much rather have something like
Phil Ackley's 20v UrQ. That car was
  f'ing sweet.


  On 9/3/05, R. Mair <waves at comcast.net> wrote:
    "You can't compare a '05 Subaru to a '72 Firebird. :rolleyes:"
    Sure you can, they are both rattle-traps!  ;-) However, you can't
    an A6 to the 2.5GT. Two totally different cars. Further from the comparo
    be my wifes Allroad against any legacy wagon. I've been in both, again,
no comparison.

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